San Diego Recording & Rehearsal Studio

Amplified Studios is a music production studio owned and operated by musicians and engineers. Whether you want to learn, create, rehearse, record, promote your music - we help artists navigate the music industry. Every artist deserves a community that amplifies their sound.

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Studio A

Our Music Studios

Amplified Studios is comprised of 2 separate rooms, both used for recording audio + video, as well as pro-level rehearsal room rentals. Studio A is a 500 sf classic recording space with two layers of mass loaded vinyl (MLV) in the walls and 10” of Rockwool soundproof insulation in the ceiling, as well as an isolation room complete with vocalist booth; we also use Studio A as the control room for Studio B. Studio B, which we call “The Living Room”, is a 950sq ft casual environment, complete with a permanent keyboard setup, which we use for live band recordings. We take advantage of the room’s 18’ ceiling and custom diffusers to create the perfect environment to record drums. Our primary focuses as a business are:


Recording, and mixing/mastering all styles and audiobooks for streaming


Music videos, performances, green-screen, with editing catered to any platform


content creation, social media management, and education


Neumann U87, Neumann TLM-49, Neumann TLM 103, Neumann TLM-193, Neumann KH-184, Royer R-101 ribbon, Mohave Audio MA-1000, AKG 414, Telefunken M80, Shure KSM8, Miktek PM5, Neuman KMS 105, Heil PR2, Shure Beta 57A

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32 x 32 Apogee Symphony MKII, 32 x 32 Antelope Audio Orion Gen 3, 24-channel Series 78 from Trident Audio, (2) Neve Shelford Channel, (4) Neve 511 Series, (2) Neve 551 EQ, (2) Universal Audio 1176 LN, Universal Audio LA 610 MK 2, Vintech 273, AEA RPQ-2, Avalon U5

Outboard Gear
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Marshall JVM 100, Mesa 5:50 Express, 1966 Fender Bandmaster, 1966 Fender Super Reverb, Fender Twin Reverb, Mesa Royal Atlantic dual rectifier, Mark Bass 800, Fender Super Bassman

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Hammond B3/Leslie 122A, Hammond XK-5 organ/leslie 2101/2121, Roland Fantom 8, Roland Fantom 7, Roland RD-2000, Korg Kronos 2-88, Korg Kronos 2-61, Nord Stage 3-88, Nord C2D organ, Yamaha Montage 7

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Music Production Services


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