San Diego California based singer/songwriter/producer, Alora, immerses you in a deep, soulful, and ethereal universe. This multi-disciplinary artist, who takes her influence from soul, R&B, funk, pop, and electronic music, will take you on a cosmic tour of a world created by magic.

Alongside her family of musicians, Alora began performing for audiences at the age of 4. Since then, she has performed and competed in many local, national, and televised events (such as American Idol and The X factor). Not bound by the rules of musical genre, Alora also integrates her ambient vocals with electronic music to bring a multi-dimensional experience to music festivals.

Alora is passionate about bringing out the best in others and educating artists on how they can develop themselves as a brand. Recently brought on at Amplified Studios, Alora consults with artists one-on-one for branding, marketing, and social media growth. She also holds a free workshop each Wednesday here at the studio on important aspects of the music business.