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Recording at Amplified Studios is all about preparation, execution of performance, and assistance with the question most of our artists have: "What should I do next with my recording?" We pride ourselves on individualizing each artists' recording experience by offering complimentary pre-production meetings leading up to the session, so when your session arrives you can show up and we can press "record" with zero time wasted. We also offer free post-production meetings about mixing/mastering, as well as how to upload and promote music on streaming platforms.

Every session includes an engineer and a sound technician, as well as coffee, shower/bathroom, and raw files sent over to you within 24 hours of your session - guaranteed.

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Studio A and Studio B

Studio A is a multi-use control and recording room, ideal for mixing/mastering as well as recording without acoustic influence (vocals, guitar amps, voiceovers, solo acoustic music). Projects regularly recorded in Studio A include podcasts, solo artists, duos/trios without need for a drum kit, and vocals for all styles of music. The isolation room is sound-proofed with 800 pounds of glass and mass loaded vinyl (MLV), creating a fully isolated environment.

Studio B, which we call “The Living Room”, is a 950sq ft casual environment, complete with a permanent keyboard setup, which we use for live band recordings. We take advantage of the room’s 18’ ceiling and custom diffusers to create the perfect environment to record drums. After a renovation in 2021, we are now able to record in Studio A and Studio B simultaneously, which enables us to isolate instruments while maintaining a live feel in recordings.

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With over 1,500 square feet, two exceptional studios, and an experienced team of audio engineers, Amplified Studios offers a range of recording services:

Music Recording

  • Live and Tracked Band (with or without drum kit)
  • Solo
  • Vocal
  • Ensembles (small to large)
  • Orchestral


  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • TV


  • Beat-making
  • Co-writing