studio A

Studio A

Studio A is a multi-use control and recording room, ideal for mixing/mastering as well as recording without acoustic influence (vocals, guitar amps, voiceovers, solo acoustic music). Projects regularly recorded in Studio A include podcasts, solo artists, duos/trios without need for a drum kit, and vocals for all styles of music. We are able to create ideal acoustics for any dead-sound scenario using our movable gobos and isolation room. The isolation room is sound-proofed with 800 pounds of glass and mass loaded vinyl (MLV), creating a fully isolated environment.

isolation booth

All our outboard gear, Trident console, and i/o units are located here. All rehearsals and recording sessions come with a staff engineer fully trained on using our analog equipment to elevate and fine-tune your desired sound. Studio B also connects to Studio A, to enable isolation of drums and other instruments for band recordings.